Christmas baubles

with logo print!

made with passion & made in germany

more than 7,000 different logos printed on Christmas baubles since 1999
more than 10,000,000 baubles manufactured since 1999




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Christmas baubles with logo print

Embellished glass baubles* 
starting at 240 baubles per design

Christbaumspitze mit FC Bayern Logo


The logo really stands out 
on top of the Christmas tree.
Height of the topper: 27 cm

Weihnachtskugel Formen


Made in Europe
starting at 500 units / hand blown glass and hand-painted.

* Only for indoor use

Are you on the lookout for extraordinary advertising material or unique decorations? Are you looking to break the mould when it comes to incentive items?
Are you looking for a product that is a “guaranteed eye-catcher” at manufacturer prices?
Then you’re right on the money with printed Christmas baubles !

Your idea as the basis for your Christmas bauble!

Possible uses

Possible use

Weihnachtskugel bedrucken
Einsatzmöglichkeit Present

Possible use


Possible use


Possible use


Possible use


Possible use


Advertising items, merchandise, decoration

Event …as an eye-catching event decoration

Present …as versatile incentives

Promotion …as unique promotional items

Collect…as popular collector’s pieces

Merchandise…as profitable merchandise


Sustainability is an important aspect of our company culture

Renewable energies
We’ve been using solar energy that is produced by the photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our production plants since late 2010. In total, we generate around 40 percent of our electricity consumption renewably in this way and have reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by over 840 tonnes per year.

Transparency and responsibility
We only use raw materials and packaging materials that have been carefully selected by our development department to manufacture our high-quality glass Christmas tree decorations and our other products. Our focus here is on being environmentally-friendly, sustainable and maintaining our high quality.