Glass ornaments

Nearly every shape is possible

Made in Europe
Top-quality production

Minimum quantity: 500 pieces

ATTENTION! Deadline for the development of new moulds: 30.05.

(Glass moulds are very individual and therefore have a longer development and production time. In order to realise a project optimally, it must be started early in the year).

Each piece is unique because it is mouth-blown and hand-painted.

Simply send us a photo and we’ll take over the design part.


Hand-crafted shapes – Made in Europe


Price examples for glass ornaments

Glass ornament “little hear”
mouth-blown and hand-painted in Europe

Size: approx. 50 x 50 mm
2 or 4 pc. in eco box
Print: 1c
Minimum order volume: 500 units

Price/unit: EUR 3,12 net

Glass ornament “dog”
Mouth-blown and hand-painted in Europe
Size: approx. 90 mm (incl. crown)
Individually packed in ECO box
no print
Minimum quantity: 500 pieces

Price/piece: 9,00 € net


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Glass shapes

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