Glass Christmas tree topper

with logo print

The logo is a real show-stopper on top of the Christmas tree – height 27 cm

What is possible:

  • High degree of printing precision
  • From simply lettering to sophisticated imagery
  • Single-colour through to five-colour print.
  • Single-sided and/or double-sided print

Pad printing
A silicone pad takes the print image from a cliché and transfers it to the substrate (here the bauble) by stamping the image onto the surface. Thanks to its fast-drying properties (beginning as soon as the print is finished), pad printing can be used to print up to 5 colours directly after – or on top of – one another.

Simply send us a photo and we’ll take over the design part.

Available colours

matt ROT
matt GOLD


Every topper is individually packaged in a stunning and transparent casing.