Christmas baubles

with logo print

Christmas baubles with logo print

Are you on the lookout for extraordinary advertising material or unique decorations?

You’re looking to break the mould when it comes to incentive items? Are you in search of a product with that “guaranteed eye-catcher” effect at manufacturer prices?
Then you’re right on the money with printed Christmas baubles!


Free bauble simulation

Minimum quantities (depending on bauble colour):
  • BASIC / BIG11 – the 11 most popular colours

Frost (01) / Weiss glanz (10) / Weiss matt (100) / Silber matt (130) / Gold matt (260) / Rot glanz (50) / Rot matt (500) / Bordeaux matt (550) / Tannengrün matt (3001) / Königsblau matt (400) / Schwarz matt (700)

=> Minimum quantity: 240 baubles per colour / no colour surcharge

  • BASIC PLUS – all other (approx. 120 colours) from our colour chart

=> Minimum quantity: 500 baubles per colour / surcharge net per colour: 50 €


  • YOU – bauble colours according to pantone number / we already have the mixing recipe of the colour available

=> Minimum quantity: 1.000 baubles per colour / Surcharge net per colour: 150 €

  •   YOU PLUS – bauble colours according to pantone number / We do NOT have the mixing recipe for the colour

=> Minimum quantity: 2.000 baubles per colour / Surcharge net per colour: 250 €


Simply upload your image (or your customer’s image) and away you go!
You’ll have your hands on stunning bauble designs in no time at all.
Your own image on a Christmas bauble … a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!


production time: around 5 weeks

Screen print
A printing process by which the print form represents a template over which a closely meshed piece of textile cloth is placed, and through which the ink is pressed onto the printed surface (Christmas bauble) using a squeegee.

What is possible:
• Straightforward logos or letterings
• Single colour only
• All-round print possible
• 3D print, i.e. finishing the print with glitter

Pad printing
A silicone pad takes the print image from a cliché and transfers it to the substrate (here the bauble) by stamping the image onto the surface. Thanks to its fast-drying properties (beginning as soon as the print is finished), pad printing can be used to print up to 5 colours directly after – or on top of – one another.

What is possible:
• High degree of printing precision
• From simply lettering to sophisticated imagery
• Single-colour through to five-colour print.
• Single-sided and/or double-sided print

  • Your idea as the basis for your Christmas bauble!
  • From 250 baubles
  • Three different Christmas baubles (6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm)
  • Different packaging options
  • More than 30 bauble colours to choose from
  • Every logo can be used – from single-colour lettering
  • through to a 5-colour image
  • Free computer-based bauble design
  • High degree of bauble quality thanks to many years of production experience
  • Large-scale production capacities

Neutral boxes (white, gold and silver)
and Krebs & Sohn boxes
Tailor-made upon request

(Plastic insert and cardboard)
6/7/8 cm – 5/4/3 units per box (other sorting options upon request)

Layered packaging
6/7/8 cm – 54/40/28 units per layer

Individual packaging
Transparent plastic container for all bauble sizes

Individual boxes (white, gold and silver)

  1. Christmas baubles with Airbrush » See photo
  2. Our bauble sizes at a glance » See photo
  3. Difference between screen- and pad printing  » See photo
  4. Difference between frosted and crystal clear baubles » See photo
  5. Difference between the three different coating types (shiny / matt / transparent) » See photo
  6. Maximum print area in pad printing on a 7 cm bauble » See photo
  7. Print areas
    Download print area for screen printing (approx. 0.7 MB)
    Download print area for pad printing (approx. 0.9 MB)

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BASIC / BIG 11 collection with silver crowns

BASIC / BIG 11 collection with gold crowns

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